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Valuable Resources for Designing ?an In-Home Martial Arts Studio

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Valuable Resources for Designing ?an In-Home Martial Arts Studio

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, gyms and fitness studios had no choice but to close for the past few months, but now, these businesses are slowly beginning to reopen at reduced capacity. While in-person training is always optimal, attending classes in small spaces may still feel a bit risky for some parents just yet. 


In the meantime, you can help your child continue polishing their skills until they can return to in-person lessons with a personal martial arts studio in your own home! Turn to these helpful resources for tips on everything from decluttering a spare room for your studio to keeping your studio germ-free. 

Finding a Studio Space

If your studio can be used as a multi-purpose room and serve as a home office, yoga studio, or child’s playroom, it can have a positive effect on your home’s appraisal value. 


  • Turn an unused room into a flex room that can easily accommodate martial arts.
  • Get your garage organized to make more room for studio equipment!
  • Adding a multi-purpose studio is also one way to increase your property value.

What Do You Need for Your Studio?

From installing the right flooring to buying new exercise gear, these resources will help you decide how to outfit your studio. 


  • If you need equipment recommendations, contact your local martial arts studio for suggestions.
  • Your kids can run drills and boost strength with an age-appropriate punching bag.
  • Rubber flooring can be a great studio addition, just anticipate spending $800 to $2,300 for materials and installation. 

Studio Cleaning Guides

It’s easy for home fitness studios to get dirty, and the COVID-19 virus is still around, so cleaning this space should be included in your weekend to-do lists. 

  • Cleaning equipment is still important, so follow these tips so you don’t miss any spots!
  • Consider using these DIY formulas to create your own cleaning products. 
  • Remember to wash your kids’ workout clothes frequently.

There’s no doubt that instructed lessons are more valuable than practicing solo, and having feedback from a qualified teacher is the key to steady improvement. But when your child has access to an in-home studio, they will never have to miss out on martial arts because of circumstances beyond their control. 


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