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What is the class size limit? 
We can accommodate 10-15 students for the Remote Learning    

Are the children and/or instructors required to wear a mask? If so when? 
Team members have masks on at all times just as they do now, students in Educational After School Program are not required to wear masks while at their station and/or eating. Though ALL after schoolers WILL BE REQUIRED to wear a mask until parents pick up for the health and safety of EVERYONE. Along with temp and sanitation procedures upon arrival.     

What would the student/instructor ratio be? Would certain instructors help certain grades? 
DFC only requires a 25:1 ratio. For our Educational After School Program we are only taking 10-15 students. Mr. Dani, Mrs.Giovana and myself will be able to assist kids who need help.    

How would the instructor know what each student's daily activities for virtual school need to be? 
Each family will have to provide us with the schedule that their child’s teacher assigns them. We will then have a master schedule with the times and activities that they need to accomplish throughout the day.    

What would be the protocol if a student, instructor, or someone from any of the households test positive for coronavirus? How would they know when they could come back? 
Great question, same protocol as now. They will have to quarantine and then provide a letter from a doctor and a negative COVID test with their name on it for us to keep on file. We are very strict on who is allowed in and their exposure.     

What would be the policy if we contract coronavirus and could not come back to the dojo until our tests come back negative? 
You will not be charged for the time you are not able to attend.    

Would children be required to bring things like hand sanitizer to use within their area at certain times throughout the day? 
We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the After School and Dojo spaces. Through we do recommend that each person also brings their own as well.   

What daily measures would be taken to ensure everyone coming into the class is not experiencing any symptoms? 
Temperature checks multiple times throughout the day, hand washing upon arrival and throughout the day, sanitizer throughout the school, shoes outside to limit exposure, team members and assistance required to wear masks at all times, parents pick up from outside the front door, only team members and students are allowed in the learning facility, both After School & dojo are sanitized and disinfected throughout the day and at night by UV lights that are located in each room of the School. 

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