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Cardonas Academy of Martial Arts

Welcome to the Cardonas Academy of Martial Arts, where men, women, and children can thrive. We are proud to offer Delray Beach exciting martial arts training and incredible character development. We are a family-friendly facility where all experience levels are welcome. Our training includes hands-on instruction and a complete dedication to your success. From the young students in our Kids Martial Arts program to the adults who combine fitness and self-defense, we truly have something for everyone. Check it out for yourself! Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

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I am so grateful to have been introduced to the Cardonas family. I say "family" because that is truly how they treat you. My child has only been in the program for 6 months yet he has learned so much. Master Cardona always has taken the time to speak to me. As a parent, that means so much. He treats every child as an individual, and is a great role model for these young people. Worth every dollar.

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Vanessa R.

Cardona Academy has been business partners with my elementary school, Crosspointe for many years now. Jhon and his wife are so involved and generous with our school. They recently provided breakfast for all our staff welcoming them back to school. He has participated in our Field Day and Career Day. He has a magical way with the kids and they all absolutely love him!! Thank you Cardona Academy!

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Courtney B.

Ever since my daughter started at Cardonas, she has been more focused and attentive. She absolutely loves this place! I love the great workout she gets and the team building she participates in as well. She goes to the after school program and participates in taekwondo classes as well. It's a great value for the amazing care these guys give the kids and the extra fun activities they sponsor as well. LOVE Cardonas!!

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Liz M.

Incredible program! Really great program with excellent martial arts! Definitely check out this program!

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Drew T.

The Cardona Staff has once again far exceeded our expectations. Thank you all for everything you do for our son. We love you all. 

I started studying Martial Arts when I was +-5 yrs old. I earned my Black Belt in U.S.A.G.F. under Master Joe Kelljchian in SFLA (Hall # 25). I am currently studying Tae Kwon Do with my 6-year-old son, under Master Jhon, owner of C.A.M.A., at his amazing school in Delray Beach. It is by far one of the best well-run Dojos I have ever been a part of.
Thank You Mr. and Mrs. Master Jhon and Staff!!!

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Michael F.

This place is so wonderful My son who has autism loves it here so much that he puts on his uniform every day wanting to go here LOL. I have to hide his uniform until it was time for class. The owner and staff are the best and makes every lesson more fun than the last. We did my son's graduation party here and the kids that attended now want to go here. Thanks to Master Jhon and staff for being so great. You guys made my son so happy and could never thank you enough.

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Jeanette L.

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